Reynolds, Richard

SOCIETY FOR CONSTITUTIONAL INFORMATION: Richard Reynolds of Paxton nr St Neots, Hunts proposed member 10.11.1780 by John Jebb 2nded John Cartwright
His father George Reynolds archdeacon of Lincoln (son of Richard Reynolds DNB 1674-1744) married at Holborn 3.12.1724 by lic Ann Thompson of St Neots, Hunts, and died 6.6.1769 age 69 will PCC 19.7.1769 of Little Paxton, Hunts. He was adm St John's Cambridge 1742 age 15. Born at Buckden, school Lincoln (Mr Goodall). Adm Middle Temple 1746. High Sheriff of Cambs & Hunts 1776. Caleb Fleming DNB 1698-1779 received financial support from Suffolk gent Richard Reynolds who endorsed his Socinian theology - maybe not him as wrong county? (though no Richard Reynolds of Suffolk in PCC).  London Courant 31.1.1780 Hunts associator. Hunts Archives HP88/1/1/2 donation of bread to Toseland parish by Richard Reynolds Esq of Little Paxton 1797. Died 10.1.1814, buried 17.1.1814 Little Paxton. His will PCC 8.2.1814 dated 10.7.1812 mentioned marriage settlement 10.4.1770 with wife Mary Catherine, nephew Lawrence Reynolds of Buckden, Hunts, £100 to William Frend (DNB 1757-1841), Rev Mr Belsham of Essex St Unitarian Chapel (Thomas Belsham DNB 1750-1829), and his wife's late maternal aunt Patrick. Nat Arch C 211/22/R66 commission of Lunacy on Mary Catherine Reynolds widow 5.2.1814. Her will PCC 22.12.1824 dated 20.9.1799 of Little Paxton Hall mentioned late brother John Kerrich (PCC 1795), brother Rev Thomas Kerrich (PCC 1828), Rev William Frend