Richards, John

SOCIETY FOR CONSTITUTIONAL INFORMATION: John Richards of Hambleton nr Droxford, Hants proposed member 3.5.1782 by John Cartwright 2nded James Martin
His father John Richards will PCC 25.8.1736 dated 10.8.1736 of Edmonton, Middx Esq mentioned wife Dorothy and the child with which she "is now ensient" (pregnant), brothers James and George, sister Anne, dau Dorothy, brother in law Pierce Galliard Esq, partner John Rooke and the five children of uncle Charles Richards, proved again by his son John Richards 2.3.1758 on reaching age 21. John Richards of St Stephen Coleman St bach married at St Pauls Cathedral by Archbishop's licence 17.9.1730 Dorothy Galliard of Edmonton sp. Their dau Dorothy bapt 5.9.1735 Edmonton their son John bapt 4.3.1737 there. Nat Arch C 11/125/3 Richards v Baker chancery case 1737 listed the 5 children of Charles Richards of Silverton, Devon as John, Henry, Charles, Grace & Mary. Samuel Clarke bach = Edmonton 21.7.1741 Dorothy Richards widow botp by lic. The will PCC 24.9.1773 of Dorothy Clarke of Edmonton widow dated 12.11.1764 codicil 24.2.1767 mentioned late husband Samuel Clarke merchant and son John Richards of Edmonton Esq. The will PCC 3.10.1789 of Pierce Galliard late of Edmonton but now of Southampton dated 19.8.1784. Pub Adv 13.11.1776 John Richards of Hambledon Esq sheriff of Hants. Gen Adv 11.1.1780 the day after Jervoise Clarke Jervoise (QV*) was elected MP for Hants, John Richards of Hambleton Esq was voted into the chair at a meeting at Winchester Castle to re-establish the liberties of the people, following the example of the Yorkshire petition. Philip Dehany (QV*) was also present. Pub Adv 29.3.1784 John Richards Esq Hambledon governor of Christ's Hospital (and till 1793). The will PCC 20.10.1819 of John Richards of North House in Catherington parish, Hants dated 7.1.1814 mentioned wife Maria, son John who was married in America, son Richard George vicar of Hambleton, daus Dorothy, Maria, Ann Elizabeth & Frances, and Rev Charles Richards sen & jun of Winchester, codicil 11.2.1818. John Richards son of John schoolmaster of Hambledon Hants school Winchester, adm Trinity, Cambridge 1784 age 16, MA 1793. Richard George Richards school Hyde Abbey adm St John's Cambridge 1792 son of John, schoolmaster, born at Hambledon Hants, and was vicar of Hambledon 1800 to 1841. John Richards Esq = Edmonton Middx 1765 Maria Downman (London Chron 26.1.1765). Children of John Richards & Maria bapt Hambledon, Hants, Dorothy 17.8.1766, John 1.6.1768, Maria 11.12.1770, Richard George 16.12.1772, Ann Elizabeth 23.5.1774. Rev Charles Richards senior was son of Charles Richards of Bradninch Devon (will of Charles Richards of Silverton Devon 1805 Nat Arch IR 26/335/244) and was master of Hyde Abbey school, Winchester for 50 years, dying in 1833 (Alum Ox adm 1772 age 18; Devizes & Wiltshire Gazette 31.1.1833). George Canning DNB 1770-1827 was a pupil at Hyde Abbey. Bradninch & Silverton are adjacent villages.