Ridgeway, Thomas

SOCIETY FOR CONSTITUTIONAL INFORMATION: Thomas Ridgway of Fenchurch St proposed member 16.1.1784 by Joseph Brown 2nded Joseph Towers
His father's will PCC 31.12.1744 Mark Ridgway of Yenston in Henstridge parish Somerset, linnen weaver dated 10.9.1744 mentioned brother Thomas, children James, Thomas, Mark, John, Samuel, Martha, Nicholas. Thomas Ridgeway son of Mark Ridgeway late of Henstridge Somerset linnen weaver appr to John Tucker of Skinners Co London 3.9.1745. Will PCC 8.12.1749 of Thomas Ridgeway grocer St Dunsatn i t West, London. Nicholas Ridgeway son of Mark Ridgeway late of Henstridge appr to George Rutt of Haberdashers Co London 9.1.1756. Thomas Ridgeway of Skinners Co took apprs 1753, 1757, 1767. Thomas Ridgeway from 1760 in Society for Promoting Religious Knowledge among Poor. Public Adv 19.1.1764 list of brokers Thomas Ridgeway, Houndsditch. Gazette 16.10.1764 Thomas Ridgeway of Houndsditch upholder got bankrupt's certificate. Gazetteer 27.10.1764 his premises upper end of Houndsditch for sale. Gazetteer 16.5.1765 Thomas Ridgeway auctioneer & cabinetmaker, at Crown & Anchor, Norton Folgate. Gazetteer 14.1.1773 at 168 Fenchurch St. Middlesex Journal 2.7.1774 his wife died yesterday. Mrs Ann Ridgeway from Church St buried 7.7.1774 Bunhill Fields. London Evening Post 17.10.1775 Ridgway & Rolleston in anti war petition from London merchants. List of liverymen 1776 Thomas Ridgeway upholder Fenchurch St Skinners Co. SunFire 1777 Thomas Ridgeway auctioneer Church St, Stoke Newington. Morn Chron 28.3.1783 Thomas Ridgeway along with John Sawbridge, James Martin and William Smith (all SCI membetrs already) calling for meeting of freeholders of London not having representation in parliament. Morn Post 24.10.1786 ad re house in Stoke Newington bounded by New River on lease to Peter (Paussett?) occ. Thomas Ridgeway. Morn Herald 4.11.1786 Thomas Ridgeway on Revolution Society committee. Whitehall Evening Post 24.4.1788 Thomas Ridgeway of Fenchurch St died 22.4.1788 at his "turretted mansion" in Stoke Newington. Thomas Ridgeway buried 30.4.1788 Bunhill Fields