Salvo & Fraser

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7.5.1807 dine at Philips's, w. Salvo, Fraser

Travels in the year 1806 from Italy to England &c by the marchese di Salvo translated by W Fraser printed for Richard Phillips. Sometimes called Carlo, he seems to have been Vincenze Salvo di Petraganzili, born 1787 and died Paris 22.10.1860. He married Lucy Anne Mary Caroline Claxton after 1841 but before 27.10.1847 when her mother Lucy Shuckburgh made her will (PCC 26.8.1851). As well as his gallant adventure helping the escape of Mrs Spencer Smith from the French police, he was known for some musical compositions. Fraser not only elegantly translated this work but also drew the portrait of the Marquis which accompanied the volume, so he may have been the William Fraser painter who exhibited at RA 1806 (address 5 Gt Suffolk-st Charing-cross) 'An old Spanish noble', at the RA 1808 (address 17 Woodstock-st) a portrait of Dr Della Lena, and in 1809 portraits of Archduke Charles of Austria and of W Blake (the artist?), and in 1811 (address 41 Bury-st St James) at the RA 'Araucans' and at the British Institution 'Macbeth & Douglas'. None of the art reference books know any more about him