call on Sanderson 31.12.1804 / 5.1.1805 again / 10.1.1805 again / 11.1.1805 again / 16.1.1805 again / 21.1.1805 again
See Saunderson for possibility that was the same person as Sanderson. There were 24 Sanderson entries in the Trade section of Holdens 1811 (incl 6 merchants, 2 wine merchants, 2 coal merchants) and 4 in the Residents section, more than I care to type out here. Three of the calls, and the call on Saunderson on 13.12.1804 were in the same string of calls as the attorney Richard Wordsworth (at Staple Inn), two of them were next to Luntley (qv) at Shoreditch and mrs Hill (see Hill, Primrose St?) and two next to Joseph, Godwin's brother.
Robert Sanderson was an attorney at Palsgrave Pl, Temple Bar in 1800 Law List / Z H Sanderson tailor 142 Bishopsgate St 1811 I've included because he was nearest to Primrose St