Satchell, John

SOCIETY FOR CONSTITUTIONAL INFORMATION: John Satchell of Limehouse Hole proposed member 15.11.1782 by John Jebb 2nded Samuel Shore (senior)
John son of John Satchell victualler of Poplar & Sarah his wife bapt 16.6.1742 Stepney 11 days old, Elizabeth dau of same bapt 1.7.1744 there 20 days old, Thomas dau of John Satchell timber merchant & Sarah bapt 15.6.1746 there 16 days old / their father was probably the John Satchell bach who married Mary Ogden widow of Stepney by lic at St Clement Eastcheap 20.8.1712, their dau Sarah bapt Stepney 5.12.1723 of John Satchell caulker of Limehouse & Mary 33 days old, and the John Satchell widower of Stepney who married Sarah Payne sp of Stepney at St Benets Pauls Wharf 20.9.1738 / Pub Adv 26.5.1759 John Satchell's wharf, Limehouse / Gazetteer 19.9.1767 John Satchell & Co of Limehouse Hole now trading as John Satchell only / 1774 directory John Satchell, Limehouse Hole / Gazetteer 16.10.1775 John Satchell (address not given) signed pro American petition / SunFire 1776 John Satchell timber merchant, Limehouse Hole / Pub Adv 9.5.1777 John Satchell steward of Ancient Stepney Society / SunFire 1779 John Satchell timber merchant Limehouse Hole / Mr Satchell subscr 1787 to Jebb's Works / St Jas Chron 10.2.1789 John Satchell, Limehouse Hole on list of signatures to address of thanks to Pitt / Gazetteer 23.5.1789 John Satchell of Limehouse Hole ad for house to let in Baker St, Enfield / 1791 John Satchell of Limehouse Hole subscr to Lying-In Charity / Morn Chron 6.12.1792 John Satchell £1.12s to subscription for France / Sun Monitor 9.2.1794 John Satchell of Limehouse timber merchant (of Stepney bach = St Mgt Westmr 6.2.1794 by lic Ann Ramsden otp sp) of Crown St, Westmr (wits Wm Ramsden, Sarah Ann Mackenzie, Greme Spence, Elizth Satchell) / Morn Post 17.10.1796 John Satchell steward of Friends of Freedom dinner 5.11.1796 / Old Bailey 30.11.1796 John Satchell of Limehouse Hole robbed / SunFire 1800 John Satchell 7, Church Row, Limehouse gent / SunFire 1803 John Satchell Church Row Limehouse timber merchant / Morn Chron 14.1.1806 John Satchell Limehouse £5 to Patriotic Fund for relatives of fallen British soldiers / will PCC 22.7.1822 John Satchell late of Limehouse timber merchant now of Newington Place, Surrey gent dated 1.11.1821 mentioned wife Ann, execs Peter Bacon esq of Mile End, Joseph Wallen of Limehouse timber merchant & Isaac Sheffield of Gt Prescot St gent, sister Elizabeth Satchell, wife's nephew & nieces William, Clarissa & Maria Ramsden & Isabella Wood, Charles Satchell of Swainspring Mountain, Jamaica, nephew & niece John & Ann Satchell of Jamaica / John Satchell age 80 from Newington bur Poplar 13.7.1822 / will LCC 25.9.1823 of Elizabeth Satchell of Enfield spinster dated 7.11.1822 mentioned Joseph wallen of Limehouse timber merchant natural son of her late brother, her nephews Thomas & William Horne of Poplar sworn under £1500 / Elizabeth Satchell buried Poplar 4.9.1823 age 79 from Edmonton / will PCC 18.3.1825 of Ann Satchell widow of Newington / will PCC 30.8.1831 of John Satchell planter of St David's Jamaica / will PCC 1.4.1845 of Charles Satchell of Swainspring Mountain / will PCC 19.11.1845 of Ann Satchell of Jamaica / children of Thomas & Frances Satchell, bapt Jamaica, 1775 Charles, 1777 Elizabeth, 1780 John, 1782 Susannah, 1785 Sarah, 1792 Anne.
Found no clue to John Satchell senior's death date, he was probably the John Satchell at Limehouse in 1759 as John Satchell junior was then only 17, but thereafter it's unclear which John Satchell was meant, though the SCI member was very likely John Satchell jun (1742-1822) as his father, if he married first in 1712, would have been about 90 if still alive in 1782.


Just found this page.  Very interesting as the Thomas Horne mentioned as nephew to Elizabeth Satchell was I believe Thomas Horne (1777 Stepney - 1846 Poplar) the first husband of my great great great grandfather's twin sister Mary Norris (1816 Poplar - 1878 Clapham), they married in 1838 at St Dunstan's, Stepney.
Thomas' father was John Horne (a baker) who married Ann Bridgman in 1774 by Licence at St Dunstan's, Stepney.  There are two witnesses on the marriage the second of which is Elizabeth Satchell, the first is another Satchell but first name is feint and an abbreviation (possibly "Thos.").  Bride and groom are noted as spinster & batchelor so I'm puzzled as to how Elizabeth, herself noted as spinster on this page, could have been Thomas' aunt, definitely as she was a witness there is a connection of some sort though... perhaps a sister/brother of hers was married to a Horne so she's an "almost" aunt ??  Would be interesting to find exact connection.
I'm not 100% sure if William Horne was Thomas Horne's brother.  I have several of Thomas' siblings baptisms as well as his of course but not Williams, so I am presuming they are brothers (could be cousins).  Thomas and William were builders in Poplar involved in larger projects (Gas Works, Poplar Workhouse...) and Thomas was Clerk of Poplar parish until his death (I have photos of some of his paperwork from Tower Hamlets archives).
Thomas left his main estate to Mary with some houses left to my ggg grandfather Henry Norris who was a civil engineer specialising in construction of lighthouses  When william died he left further houses to Henry and other members of the Norris family so there were obviously close ties.