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call on Saunderson (£32) 13.12.1804 / 26.3.1805 meet Saunderson / 7.3.1813 Saunderson, cala
Francis Saunderson Hist of Parl 1754-1827 independent Whig MP for co Cavan 1801-6 / William Saunderson tailor Market St, St James Picc'y voted Fox & Tooke 1796 / Isaac Saunderson tailor Queen St, St James Picc'y voted Paull 1806 / Robert Saunderson coal merchant Ratcliff Cross 1790. I've included the text of 1813 (te 2059 in GD website) because the attribution there is rather tentative and in the first instance I've looked for Saunderson rather than Sanderson (qv), who could perhaps have been the same person as he appeared in the diary six times between the first two entries above