Schieffer, John Frederick

SOCIETY FOR CONSTITUTIONAL INFORMATION: John Frederick Schieffer of 33 London Road, St Georges Fields proposed member 9.11.1792 by John Rae 2nded George Watts. Rejected
See Mudd & Rae for context of his rejection. Born 30.8.1762 bapt 24.9.1762 Soho of John Johannes Scheffer & Hannah. Brother Thomas & James bapt there 1764 & 1767. John Michael Scheffer adult from Compton St, bur Soho 15.11.1773. Compton St rates 1783-1790 John Frederick Schaffer. Address from Society of Newington to National Convention of France dated 31.10.1792 read at Paris 10.11.1792 signed John Frederick Schieffer President (translated in English as Skipper). 1802 on Surrey Jury list London Rd, Southwark. Old Bailey 10.1.1816 (perhaps the same person), John Scheffer & wife Sarah living in 1810 at 178 Upper Thames St, in 1816 at Leman St, Goodmans Fields