Schinkel, Karl Friedrich

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HCR diary 8.6.1826 at Aders "A Prussian, Beuthe a finance minister, who has the air of a superior man - Schenkel the architect to the King of Prussia - also apparently a very superior man and a Col Dunkelman - insignificant - and German (Meyer) from Frankfurt"
Karl Friedrich Schinkel (DNB 1781-1841). See Schinkel's English Journey ed. Bindman & Riemann 1993. 8.6.1826 "Drive to Herr Aders's party, very good supper, in the evening excellent music, the little Schulz brothers from Vienna, virtuosi on the piano, guitar and harmonium, with their father. - A French lady sang Rossini wonderfully [4 illegible words]. - Other ladies and a gentleman sang Scottish songs and other things in harmony, Madame Aders's Goethe songs" the Aders were also mentioned on 26.5.1826, 27.5.1826, 7.6.1826, 11.6.1826, 1.8.1826 "madame Aders who is travelling to germany, she is going with her husband via Ostend", 2.8.1826, 12.8.1826 "In Cologne in the evening, where we met Herr and Madame Aders". And see Beuth and Danckelmann in Crabb Robinson Diary dataset