HCR diary 20.6.1818 musical party at Aders "The Schunks, Platts, Mrs Fazy, Miss Lewis were my acquaintances"
                    14.2.1819 at Aders "Mr        Schunk of Manchester"
                    3.11.1819 at Aders "Mr Martin Schunk and his wife formerly Nanny Aldebert"
                    13.2.1827 "At Schunk's I offered to pay some advancements made by Schunk to Mrs Brown in consequence of my having improperly invested all the dividends of Ald's property in the purchase of stock"
                  10.10.1831 "I met in the road Mrs Schunk and accompanied her home - a very agreeable chat with her about the Beneckes &c &c - she spoke of the unfortunate quarrel between Mrs Aders and Mrs Leigh. But represents Mrs A: as having refused to be reconciled with her daughter which I hope is not true"
The children of Major Johann Carl Schunk 1745-1800 and his wife Wilhelmine Hartmann 1744-1830, daughter of a parson. 1) Wilhelmine 1773-1846 married Parson Schlemmer 2) Helene Elizabeth 1774-1851 married Cornelius Carl Souchay 1768-1838 3)  Philip 1776-1843 (Schunk & Co Leipzig) married Louise Bauer, their children Thekla 1809-1876 married Johann Daniel Souchay, Julius 1809-1889 married Julie Jeanrenaud, Emmeline 1813-1877 married Victor Benecke 4) Caroline 1779-1870 married Dr Georg Becher, brother of Carl Christian Becher 1770-1836 5) Heinrich 1781-1840 (Schunk, Mylius & Co, London) married Elise Harnier, no children 6) Sara Friedericke 1781-1851 married John Middleton Pickford 7) Martin 1788-1872 married (1816) Susanna Katherine ("Nanny") Mylius who was brought up by Katherine Elizabeth wife of Isaac Aldebert so Robinson referred to her 3.11.1819 above as Nanny Aldebert. See Max Webers deutsche-englische Familien geschichte by Guenther Roth