Scott, Mrs

mrs Scott, W & H Scott 16.6.1799 at Tooke's / 28.6.1801 mrs Scott & H at Tooke's / 26.8.1804 mrs Scott at Tooke's / 13.4.1813 mrs Scott adv at Grattan's
Probably Jane Elizabeth (nee Harmood) widow of James Scott (will PCC 1794) with her son (Thomas) Hobbes Scott see his person record in GD website. The above were the four times Godwin noted Mrs Scott at Tooke's but there were plenty of other occasions there when he noted Scotts, 2 Scotts, 5 Scotts &c and these have mostly been coded in GD website to Thomas Hobbes Scott who was sometimes clearly noted as Hobbes Scott or Hs Scott but when it was just H Scott that may have sometimes referred to his brother Harry. The children of James Scott who married Jane Elizabeth Harmood at Southampton 20.5.1771 mentioned in his will were William bapt 1771 / Jane Elizabeth (later Lady Oxford) bapt 1772 / Harry bapt 1775 / James bapt 1776 / Robert bapt 1778 (all those at Southampton) / Thomas Hobbes (not found his baptism but named after Thomas Hobbes Weekes will PCC 1742 whose niece Mary was Mrs Scott's mother) / Mary bapt 1785 Buscot Berks / Charlotte Dorothea bapt 1786 Southampton. Joseph Charley bapt 1789 Southampton wasn't mentioned in the will dated 28.9.1793 so probably died young