6.5.1807 call on Johnson, & Scott, & Polhill / 28.71807 dine at Johnson's, w. Laing bookseller, Scott & Wilkie / 7.9.1807 call on Scott, cpp / 11.9.1807 call on Longdill & Scott
These four entries have been coded on GD website to a generic Scott person record but with no attempt to guess who they were. Up to 1807 Godwin often noted Thomas Hobbes Scott and his family, either as Scotts at Tooke's, or distinguished from each other by an initial. After 1807 there were no Scotts in the diary for some years till he met Sir Walter Scott in 1816. The four entries above could have been T H Scott with his initial dropped, but seem more likely to be a different person. Godwin only used the phrase cpp on one other occasion (7.11.1808 Wright cpp calls). He used the phrase ppc 66 times (to mean pour prendre congé, to take leave), though not in 1807 or 1808. I couldn't find any likely acronym for cpp. It may have been an error for ppc but that is belied by the call on Scott four days after Scott's cpp call.