Sewell, Bartholomew

5.7.1794 B Sewel / 13.7.1796 dine at Sewel.
Bartholomew Sewell was baptised 5.7.1759 son of Robert & Sarah (nee Harmer), apprenticed in 1777 to Simon Wilkin grocer of Norwich, married 27.11.1781, at St George Colegate Norwich, Anna Lincoln, was a grocer, brandy merchant and hop merchant of Coslany Street Norwich in 1784, and subscribed to William Gordon's America in 1788. Star 4.4.1795 witness (see Firth 28.6.1794). He may be the Bartholomew Sewell who was buried at Walworth, Surrey 26.11.1813.
The "dine at Sewel" 13.7.1796 may refer to Samuel Sewell farmer of Wood Dalling whose daughter Sally was referred to in Godwin's mother's letter (Abinger c.8 f20). Several of his children by his wife Elizabeth were baptised by John Sykes at Guestwick between 1787 and 1792. I can find no place called Sewel or Sewell in Norfolk in those days, and the appearance of Copland, another local farmer (see Copland, John Dawson), fits with Godwin having left Norwich for Dalling that day, though he drove with Copland some way to Caston, he was back in Dalling that evening and stayed there a few days. But it could also be Richard Sewell who voted in 1802 as a farmer of Great Witchingham, so a near neighbour of Copland.
Subscr to Norwich Public Library 1796 R Sewell, R Sewell jr, B Sewell, John Sewell
children of Barthol. & Anna / Anna 1783, Hy Barthol 1784, Ester 1786, Wm Joshua 1788, Joshua 1789, Rachel 1793
cildren of Samuel & Elizabeth / Manning 1787, Edward 1788, Maria 1789, Ann 1791, Lucy 1792, Charles 1792 (Guestwick Independent) / 1795 Samuel S carpenter Reepham voted for coroner Colls / Saml son of Saml S of Wood Dalling Norfolk farmer appr to James Fell cit & paperstainer Ldn 3.8.1796 turned over to John Elliott cit & draper 5.8.1796 / Samuel Sewell painter &c North Walsham PCC 1822