call on H(olcrof)t at Harwwood's adv Mathans & Shakeshaft 5.5.1804
This entry has been mistranscribed on GD website as Shakerhaft . For possibles see work notes below

Work notes: 
John Shakeshaft will PCC 1825 member of Morden College of Blackheath / John Shakeshaft (with Hugh Stirrup) wholesale linen drapers of 33 Cateaton St bankrupt 1787 in partnership with Lancashire cotton manufacturers / George Shakeshaft chemist 375 Rotherhithe St 1790 will PCC 1825 druggist of Bermondsey will PCC 1828 Ann Shakeshaft widow of Rotherhithe / James Shakeshaft junior dealer in china Widegate St nr Bishopsgate St bankrupt 1807, 1826 / Letitia Shakeshaft spinster will PCC 1824 died at Hammersmith age 77 / William Shakeshaft banker Wellington Salop will PCC1821 widow catherine will PCC 1831