Sharp, William

SOCIETY FOR CONSTITUTIONAL INFORMATION: William Sharpe of Leadenhall St proposed member 20.4.1792 by John Farnell Tuffin 2nded Benjamin Cooper
SunFire 1791 William Sharp hosier 79 Leadenhall St. SunFire 1794 William Sharp hosier 84 Leadenhall St. Whitehall Evening Post 26.4.1794 William Sharp of Leadenhall St married dau of Richard Pinchback of Fenchurch St.  William Sharp bach of St Catherine Cree, London = St Margaret Pattens by lic 24.4.1794 Anna Maria Pinchbeck otp sp a minor with consent of father Richard, wits R Pinchbeck, Richd Sharp, Thos Cable Davis. Thomas Cable Davis was the second husband of Elizabeth mother of Richard Sharp DNB 1759-1835 who had been an SCI member since 1782 (QV*), and Richard had a brother William (will PCC 9.9.1775 of their grandfather Richard Sharp). List of livery voting 1796 William Sharp 84 Leadenhall St, Fishmongers Co. He was buried at Bunhill Fields 21.4.1821 age 58 from Park Lane. His will PCC 1.6.1821 William Sharp of Park Lane dated 9.4.1817 mentioned wife Anna Maria, "the dear child Maria Kinnaird now living with me" born 21.5.1807, brothers Richard Sharp and George Adams Davis, nieces and nephew Marian, Ellen & Richard Davis. He was probably the SCI member but because William Sharp the surgeon (1743-1810) had a brother living in Leadenhall Street I have covered him as a possible below.
Perhaps (but see above) William brother of Granville Sharp (DNB 1735-1813), baptised 8.2.1742 St Matthew Friday St son of Thomas & Judith Sharp. William Sharp of St Dunstan i t East (which church was shut for repairs) married at All Hallows Staining 5.9.1765 Catherine Barwick of St Matthew Friday St, wits Thomas Barwick, Mary Barwick ? Barwick. St Jas Chron 3.9.1765 Wm Sharp surgeon of Mincing Lane married youngest Miss Berwick of Friday St. See Jonathan Strong (DNB 1747-1773) for William Sharp's free surgery in Mincing Lane and his position at St Bartholomew's Hospital. Will PCC 11.11.1783 of James Sharp citizen and draper of London (another brother). SunFire 1788 Catherine Sharp of Leadenhall St ironmonger, William Sharp of Fulham & Granville Sharp of Leadenhall St. Will PCC 3.4.1810 of William Sharp of Fulham citizen late surgeon of London dated 12.9.1809 mentioned wife Catherine, dau Mary wife of Thomas John Lloyd Baker, bro Granville, niece Ann Jemima, niece Catherine dau of Catherine widow of bro James, wit M. Quarley rector of Wicken Park, Northants. William Sharp buried 23.3.1810 All Saints Fulham. Will PCC 26.2.1814 of Catherine Sharp widow of Fulham.