Sharpe, Sutton

HCR diary 18.2.1823 "at Flaxman's - no one there but the Aders and some of the Denmans and Miss Sharp and it was rather a dull evening"
                    19.6.1824 "I took Sutton Sharpe to Aders whom I introduced there"
                    12.5.1826 Robinson's supper guests Flaxmans, Masqueriers, a Miss Forbes, Blake, Sutton Sharpe
                    20.5.1826 "at Miss Sharpe's - a small but agreeable party - the Flaxmans, Aikins, Benjers &c &c "
                      5.6.1826 literary party at Miss Benjer's (Miss Sharpe there)
                 31.12.1826 "called at Miss Sharpe's and gave her £5 for Spanish refugees"
                    23.1.1827 at Miss Sharpe's - the Rogers, Martineaus &c
                    12.5.1827 tea with Miss Sharpe - family party - the Kinders and Roscoe
                    29.8.1827 called on Miss Sharpe at Mr Rogers' at Highbury
                       10.1828 Robinson in Paris, saw Miss Sharpe
                  25.11.1828 talk with Mrs Aders an account of Mrs Austin "which Sutton Sharpe has confirmed viz: that her intimacies with several men had even injured her reputation"
                    19.1.1829 at Miss Sharpe's "Mr Yates there - I gave him letters to Germany some time ago"
Sutton Sharpe brewer 1750-1806 had one daughter Catherine by his first wife Catherine Purchas, she was born 2.5.1782 and bapt 29.5.1782 at St Brides Fleet St. Her mother died in 1791 and her father married again to Maria, sister of Samuel Rogers (DNB 1763-1855). They had six children but both parents died in 1806 and Catherine Sharpe brought up all her half siblings. See the biography of Samuel Sharpe by P W Clayden (1883) and the Sharpe Papers at University College London, which include some of her letters and journal, also her papers as secretary to the Ladies' association for Spanish refugees. Sutton Sharpe the eldest of her half siblings was a barrister, bachelor and friend of Crabb Robinson. In the 1841 census Catherine Sharpe was living in the Vale of Health, Hampstead with her half-brother Daniel Sharpe merchant and in the 1851 census she was sharing 7 Bloomsbury Square with Arthur Aikin (DNB 1773-1854). Daily News 20.8.1853 reported her death aged 74. The Kinders and Roscoes are mentioned in Clayden's book as close family friends, I haven't found that they were related by marriage to the Sharpes until Henry Sharpe married Eliza Kinder in 1834. See my entry for Austin, Mrs (Sarah Austin DNB 1793-1867) and see Elizabeth Benger (DNB 1775-1827)