Shee, Annesley

SOCIETY FOR CONSTITUTIONAL INFORMATION: Annesley Shee of St James Place proposed member 25.5.1792 by John Frost 2nded John Augustus Bonney
1.6.1769 Annesley Shee freedom of Musicians Co London by redemption / Annesley Shee widower otp = St Mary Woolnoth London 12.4.1774 by lic Mary Ware sp of Isleworth wits Hugh Connor, Jane Rochfort / list of livery 1776 Annesley Shee musicians co Exchange Alley / SunFire 1777 Annesley Shee Craven St merchant / Annesley son of Annesley & Mary Shee bapt St Martin i t Fields 23.9.1778 / Annesley Shee merchant 25 Craven St Strand directories 1780-1783 19 Frith St Soho 1783 / Stewards Lodge Freemasons Annesley Shee wine merchant Frith St, Soho declined 18.4.1781 / 1788 Annesley Shee merchant Pall Mall voted Hood / directory 1790 Annesley Shee wine merchant 130 Pall Mall / Boyles Court Guide 1792 & 1793 Annesley Shee 29 St James Place / subscr 1793 to Charles Macklin's plays / Nat Arch HO 42/25/84 application 26.3.1793 for passport for his son to travel in Europe with Hugh Niven, merchant of Bread St Hill / 8.11.1793 Annesley Shee Kings Bench prison at the suit of Strang & ors, Wm Reid, J N Edwards & ors, Alexr de la Rochefoucauld / Bell's Weekly Messenger 28.9.1800 Clerkenwell Sessions, Annesley Shee sentenced for defrauding David Kinnaird of a considerable sum of money under pretence of selling him, as agent, a considerable sum of money / Criminal Registers Sept 1800 Annesley Shee gent born Dublin age 49 sentenced to 1 year in Newgate for a misdemeanour and sureties for 3 yrs more / 16.11.1803 Annesley Shee Kings Bench prison at the suit of James Alexander Chilton, William Willey, Joseph Ballard / the will PCC 1826 of Annesley Shee junior of Southampton Row, Russell Sq dated 27.1.1815 mentioned wife Jane Louisa, dau Eudosia, wife's brother Jonathan Duncan, said he was currently his parents' only support