Sheffield, William Evetts

W Sheffd 19.11.1799 at Nicholson's lecture / 29.10.1804 miss Sheffields tea / 30.8.1806 Sheffields adv at dinner / 23.7.1808 Sheffields adv at theatre
William Evetts Sheffield lived at 3 Polygon near to Godwin. Born 3.1.1753 Bromsgrove son of Jonathan 1727-1797 & Ann (nee Evetts) 1736-1790, he was apprenticed to Edward Ruston, druggist & chemist of Birmingham in 1769. He married Mary Coggan in 1786, their children Elizabeth 1794, Charles 1796, William 1797, John 1798, and Henry 1800 were baptised at St Pancras. He was a member of Socy for Encouragement of Arts, Mnfrs & Commerce 1790-1795 of Gt Surrey St, lived at the Polygon by 1799. In Holden's 1811 William C Sheffield, metallurgist, was at 3 Polygon. He married 2ndly in 1811 Mary Harpley and died at Somers Town 1822 will PCC 1822. The 1806 and 1807 entries above have been coded on the GD website to John Baker Holroyd (DNB 1741-1821) Earl of Sheffield. Read his DNB entry and judge for yourself. In my view very unlikely. In the 1806 entry there was also adv .Essex. William Essex  lived at 18 Polygon (Holdens 1811) and in 1814 (Sun Fire) Wm Essex senior was at no 25 and Wm Essex jr at no 29 (Godwin's old house)



Submitted by Pam Phillips on Sun, 07/06/2014 - 21:12.

Hi Ed,
I see that my ancestor William Evetts Sheffield is mentioned in Godwin's Diary on 19 Nov 1799.
I also see that Gill is mentioned 13 times.  I wonder if this is Thomas Gill, son-in-law of W Evetts Sheffield.  His father was a renowned sword cutler, as was he, and later he became a patent agent living at 125 The Strand..  He was Chairman of Mechanics at the Society of Arts Manufacture and Commerce for over 20 years., and published at least 11 Technical Repositories (these are available of Google books).
Pam Phillips
Thanks for the suggestion Pam. I'm not working on the Godwin diary at present but a quick look shows in the first 6 months of 1814 Gill called on Godwin 20 times and Godwin called with Gill on Dufour once, then Godwin called on Gill once in 1815 and on Gill & Co once in 1824. There was no connection with Sheffield in those years and the pattern doesn't fit well with Thomas Gill's professions and interests as stated by you. Gill was a fairly common name and this was more likely a bill broker or someone in the book trade
Regards Ed Pope



Please could you put me in email contact with Pam Philips, who is a direct descendent of the first named above?
I am working on the lives and work of both these men.
They were both much involved with the "Father of English Geology" Willam Smith (1769-1839).
Many thanks & best wishes
Hugh Torrens

Hello Hugh Torrens i'm afraid i don't have Pam's e-mail address as we only spoke through the comments on this website. Clever use of Google, Facebook &c might get you there? cheers Edward Pope