Sherman, R

Sherman 9.5.1798 call on
See Cowie for his letter to Godwin dated the day after this call, in which he referred to himself as Mr S and Mr R S. He may have been the Richard Sherman merchant of 1 Scott's Yd Bush Lane, London in 1790, who voted as a freeholder of Bedford for Colhoun & Whitbread in 1790. A Richard Sherman, brewer with Archer Butler at Coal Yard, Drury Lane 1771, tallow chandler Princes St Drury Lane (Sun F 1780) and of Princes St, St Giles i t Fields Land Tax 1798. Smith & Sherman were merchants 1798 St Martin's le Grand, and Land Tax 1798 Friday St, St Matthews, Cripplegate without. On 21.4.1795 Ann North swore that the father of her baby girl born 6.6.1794 at house of Mrs Russell 12 Clements La, since christened Mary Ann, was Richard Sherman, a clerk in the Treasury, of Queen St Chelsea, and Richard Sherman of Queen St Chelsea paid Land Tax 1797 and died 1800. Robert sherman clerk of St Martin i t Fields will PCC 1819, Richard Shearman of Lingfield, Surrey will PCC 1833