Shield, Anne

18.12.1791 Mrs Shield and 22.10.1794, 23.10.1794. In his will (PCC 1829) dated 29.6.1826 William Shield DNB 1748/9-1829 left everything to his 'beloved partner whose maiden name was Anne Stokes daughter of James and Mary Stokes late of Marylebone deceased, Mrs Shield upwards of forty years'
16.10.1800 meet (Shd.) / 17.10.1800 (meet Shd.) very possibly William Shield though not clear why in brackets. Only one other name in my website fits Shd (see Sheffield, William Evetts) Godwin's neighbour but he only appeared once in the diary and Godwin had used the abbreviation Shd for Mrs Shield on 22.10.1794. Apart from those two meetings in brackets, between 23.8.1798 and Thomas Holcroft's funeral on 1.4.1809 Godwin only noted Shield once at Joyce's on 3.8.1803 when Holcroft was not present, and after the funeral Godwin called on Shield four times, but didn't see him, and wrote to him once. Maybe there was some kind of falling out between Godwin & Shield