HCR diary 18.2.1821 "called on the Sievekings - the commencement of an acquaintance which I promise myself pleasure from. They are sensible people - he a quicker man than Aders tho' without so much attention to the arts & literature of germany - she certainly not to be compared with mrs Aders but both full of love of German literature and therefore objects of interest to me"
                      1.7.1821 "dined at Sieveking's met Dr jenckel physician"
                  22.11.1821 "went to Sievekibg - an ageeable chat with them - they want an introduction to Aders for themselves and Jenkin - they want to see the pictures and to introduce the Dr: to the house for more substant5ial service"
                  10.12.1821 "to Mrs Sieveking's - took tea there - arranged for a visit to Aders"
                  15.12.1821 "at Aders where I waited to introduce to the Aders Dr & Mrs Jenkin and Mr & Mrs Sieveking. They came to see the pictures ostensibly but I think it will end, as I wish it may, in an acquaintance. Aders himself was pleased with Mrs S: and Mrs J: and shewed in that his taste - but in general all the parties seemed to like each other. I saw that Mrs A: is very anxious to get ladies to visit her and that she is in fact visited by very few, which I cannot wonder at"
                    12.2.1822 Mrs Aders "informed me that Dr & Mrs Jenkin are both divorced from former wife and husband and this the Sievekings know"
                      6.7.1822 party at Aders "the Sievekings, Souchays and Perret were sufficient for entertainment"
                      5.4.1823 "went to Mrs Sieveking to enquire whether she knew anything of Dr Jenkin's mode of treating the cancer of which Mrs Aders had told me"
                    31.5.1823 at Aders, Coleridge and others "Sieveking was also there"
                      1.6.1823 at Sievekings Dr & Mrs Jenkin
                      8.4.1826 to Aders "where I heard melancholy news - poor Sieveking has failed - an excellent man and his family must be grievously affected by the blow"
                    22.4.1826 left card at Sieveking's "expressing my regret that I had not been able to call on him before"
                      7.5.1826 saw Sieveking - in tolerable spirits - allusions only to his failure - living in his house and "I trust will remain there"
                    13.6.1832 dinner of Society for Relieving Foreigners in Distress "had an occasional chat with Ed: Taylor the singer, Sieveking and Arbourn"
                    15.3.1833 wrote note "to Sieveking about insurances for Aders"
                     9.11.1838 "a call from Edw: Sieveking who has entered himself a student of the Univ: Coll: and on my nomination - he has the manners of an intelligent young man - I like his looks vastly"
Marquardt II p84 n241 Edouard Heinrich Sieveking 1790-1868 born Hamburg, merchant in London 1809-1813, then Lieutenant in Hanseatic Legion in Germany, from 1815 on in London again. Partner in J H Koch & E H Sieveking merchants of 2, Jeffries Square, St  Mary Axe, that he ran alone from 1821, and from 1845 with his son. One of the founders of the Society of Friends of Foreigners in Distress. He married by 1815 Louise Meyer 1789-1861 from Hamburg. Their oldest son Edward Henry Sieveking (DNB 1816-1904) doctor to King edward VII, see 9.11.1838 above, their second son Gustavus Adolphus 1819-1897 became partner in his father's firm. SunFire 1817 Esq 4 Christopher St, Finsbury, SunFire 1822 Old South Sea House merchant SunFire1823 to 1828 60 Mark Lane merchant. I couldn't find a notice of his bankruptcy in 1826