Skene, George

20.11.1796 Skenes at (Jonas) Davis's / 7.3.1797 dine at Davis's adv Skene / 18.10.1798 theatre adv Skene / 21.7.1804 again / 19.11.1805 again / 6.4.1828 adv Skene at M W S (Mary Shelley's)
George Skene A.M. was the author of Donald Bane an heroic poem published in 1796 printed for George Robinson (for whom Jonas Davis often printed), dedicated to James Duff, Earl of Fife, and based on "a manuscript at the family seat of Mr Skene of Skene, MP for Aberdeenshire in the parliament before last". That MP was George Skene (History of Parliament 1749-1825 a drunken laird and a firm adherent of the Whig side of politics to the end of his life). The MP's sister was married to the Earl of Fife's brother. George Skene the poet also published The Genius of Shakspear dedicated to Alderman Boydell and The Sweets and Sorrows of Love (Oracle 7.4.1794) but has no entry in Allibone, Watt or Watkins & Shoberl. There was George Skene MD of Aberdeen 1741-1803 professor of natural philosophy at Aberdeen 1760-88 who was probably the same as Dr George Skene of Berryhill. There was also a George Skene in London, clerk to the magistrates Shadwell in the late 1790s and later at the Queen Square office who was executed for forgery 18.3.1812, who was a nephew of the MP. His wife died 30.12.1805 from severe burning (Gents Mag 1805 p1242). He may have been the poet, his degree probably from Aberdeen, it is unlikely that the Doctor would have used the degree A.M. and the MP was referred to in his preface as though a different person. The MP died unmarried so the poet could have been his natural sonbut is not mentioned in his will PCC 1826. See Memorials of the family of Skene of Skene, Spalding Club 1879