Smith, Canon

canon Smith at tea; 1.10.1803 adv miss Linnee Smith / 8.9.1805 miss Smith calls / both at Norwich
William Linney Smith son of Thomas & Mary Smith, (King's) Lynn, Norfolk bapt 19.2.1793. He died Lynn 1858. Margaret Linney Smith (born 1808) married Mark Ward at St Margaret's Lynn 8.5.1831. Neither of those could have been the Miss Linnee Smith Godwin met but it's the nearest I've found to that name. It was maybe derived from the town name and then pronounced as if French. The celebrated Sydney Smith DNB 1771-1846 didn't become a Canon until 1831. Minor canons could be quite poorly paid and didn't need to be ordained, they were frequently singers and musicians in cathedrals. A book on the canons of Norwich dosn't mention Smith, but I found some note of a minor canon Smith at Lincoln to which I've lost the reference and my memory is fuzzy. See also Smith, James Edward and Smith, schoolmaster for Norwich Smiths, the 1805 entry above could have been any or none of these families