Smith, Charlotte

30.3.1795 (mes) Smith at Barbauld's = Charlotte Smith? Though Godwin didn't put her in 1796 list until 1797 when he began a regular friendship with her, he may have overlooked this encounter, or of course it could be any number of other female Smiths
W, G, C & H(olcrof)t at Cha Smith's 24.7.1798 / dine at C Smith's, theatre adv C S 5.12.1798 / call on C S (not in) 27.2.1799 /  tea C Smith's w. Charles 6.4.1799 / W S adv at Cha Smith's 19.3.1799 / tea C Sm's w. Charles 11.7.1799 / sup at C Smith's w. Geo 11.4.1800 / 4.1.1802 call on C Smith (adv C & Ht) / tea C Smith's; adv C, H, & George 11.2.1802 / 28.3.1805 answer letter from CS
W and W S was probably Charlotte Smith's son William Towers Smith1768-1826 who was home from India between July 1798 and 2.4.1799, G  and George her son George 1785 - 1806, H her daughter Harriet (born 1782 married 1807 William Geary) and C either her daughter Charlotte Mary 1769-1842 (see Smith, miss), or (though not in the 1802 entries) her son Charles Dyer Smith 1773-1801, though he was serving as an officer of invalids in Berwick in 1798, having previously lost a leg in action, but he was at his mother's on 6.4.1799 and 11.7.1799. Ht on 3.1.1802 has been coded in GD website to Holcroft but he was abroad so it was probanly Charlotte Smith's daughter Harriet with her sister Charlotte. C S at the theatre was surely Charlotte Smith herself as Godwin had already named her that day, and the unsuccessful call of 27.2.1799 was probably her as well. See Collected letters of Charlotte Smith p 771, 776-780.