Smith, farmer

21.7.1794 mrs Smith at Fawcett's, 9.7.1795 Fawcett's, Hedge Grove: see Wilson, Smith &c, 29.5.1796 Fawcet's; adv. Smith, farmer, 7.5.1799 dine at Fawcett's; adv miss Wilshen: call on Smith; adv Beswick
Between the 1794 entry above and the next one, in 1795, Joseph Fawcett had moved from Walthamstow to Hedge Grove near Edgware. Smith at Hedge Grove was identified the second time there as a farmer, perhaps because Godwin had already noted another Smith in that day's entry. The Wilson of 1795 may be a misspelling of Wilshen as in 1799. The Willshins were farmers and shopkeepers in the Edgware area. So the Mrs Smith of 1794 may have been unconnected to the Smiths at Hedge Grove, but then again she may have been some friend or relation of Fawcett's connected with his move to Hedge Grove. I can find nothing about Joseph Fawcett's parents, or siblings and children if any, except for Maria Fawcett, a witness at the wedding of Joseph Fawcett's sister-in-law Anne French at St Mary Aldermanbury on 14.7.1787, nor do Fawcett or his wife seem to have left wills. Beswick is another local name; The will of Thomas Beswick grocer of Watford was proved PCC 1790, mentioned wife Ann, brother William. The will of William Beswick grocer of St Michael Queenhithe was proved PCC 1801.