Smith, James, musician

17.7.1788 at Shields' in a very musical gathering. A cellist and violinist James Smith (fl 1773-1809) is listed in Highfill, Burnim & Langhan's Biog Dict of Actors &c. On 27.11.1794 Godwin supped at Shield's with Crosdill, adv Collick & Smith, and on 1.3.1795 he supped at Holcroft's with Shield, Smith musn & Thelwall. He could also have been the Smith at Thelwall's on 2.2.1795 and/or the Smith at Holcroft's on 22.4.1795, but see Smith, George. The will PCC 1823 of James Smith, musician of Woolwich may have been his. See also Smith, James who was probably not the same person