Smith, John (at Joseph Godwin's)

call on Smith 2.10.1804 / John Sm adv 29.5.1805 at Jo(seph) G(odwin)'s / 12.7.1805 Jno Smith adv at Jo G's
Joseph Godwin (qv) Godwin's brother was four times noted in Godwin's diary in connection with Primrose Street, where the houses were that produced income for the siblings of Godwin's first wife, Mary Wollstonecraft (10.12.1804, 12.12.1804, 24.6.1805, 6.1.1808). For which reason I suspect this John Smith may have been the John Smith, appraiser of 13 Primrose St (Holdens 1805) who was listed in Land Tav assessments for Primrose St from 1800 to 1807. For the call of 2.10.1804 (when he was out) see Gourbon