Smith, John Raphael

30.9.1798 call on mrs Foulkes adv Smiths. see Foulkes, Philippa.  In the Foulkes' divorce proceedings of 1802 John  Raphael Smith (DNB 1751-1812) testified that he had known the Foulkes' for 10 or 11 years and had been very intimate with them in the last 6 years, that Mr & Mrs Foulkes had nearly parted in 1798 and that Smith and his wife had interfered to settle disputes, usually at Mrs Foulkes' entreaty
J R Smith's family were clearly involved at 7 meals, reciprocal between Smiths, Nicholsons, Foulkes, Godwins, Holcrofts and Heywoods / at Nicholsons on 19.7.1802 where the name Raphael Smiths was specified /  at Foulkes on 7.11.1802 (guests Wolcot and Ackermann were both close friends of J R Smith) / at Smiths on 11.11.1802 (Wolcot there again) / at Godwins on 14.11.1802 / at Nicholsons on 21.1.1803 (with Wolcot and miss Haines who were at Foulkes, mrs Kelly who was J R Smith's married daughter Eliza, later mrs Aders) / at Godwins on 27.1.1803 (Hill was probably Thomas Hill (DNB 1760-1840) another good friend of J R Smith) / at Nicholsons on 20.1.1805 (where E Kelly attended again).
In addition there were 4 Smiths at the RA exhibition on 2.5.1803, the Godwins called on mrs I R Smith on 26.5.1803, and on Emma Smith on 7.6.1803 (she was another daughter of J R Smith and a RA exhibitor in those years, who was probably the Emma P who dined with Godwin on 12.2.1833 with her married name Pauncefote) and she was probably the E Smith at the RA exhibition on 30.4.1804
Also perhaps 7.6.1802 when Lamb and 3 Smiths dined at Godwins, 20.7.1802 Smith, son & Fenwick dine, 2.8.1802 Smiths at tea and 14.11.1802 Smiths dine. These only because there had been plural Smiths from J R Smith's family before, otherwise they might be the family of Godwin's close friend Smith (see Smith, James) or even some of the children of Charlotte Smith. 7.12.1802 call on R Smith has been coded to J R Smith on the GD website
Smith's wife, to whom he was not legally married, was Hannah Croome spinster
Holcroft in his introduction to travels 1804 mentioned Emma Smith showing him an item she was given by the French ambassador Otto, whose portrait J R Smith took
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