Smith, Josias

call on Smith 25.2.1804 (in Lewes) / 21.3.1804 letter from Smith / 23.3.1804 write to Smith  / 27.3.1804 letter from Smith
The first entry above was probably Josias Smith (Jacksons Oxford Journal 31.3.1827) died at Lewes age 90, attorney of Lewes for many years. In 1774 he drew up articles of separation between Thomas Paine DNB 1737-1809 and his wife. The three letters above may have been a correspondence with him concerning Godwin's niece who eloped with a married man to Lewes (see Godwin, Harriet), but perhaps more likely they were to the Smith who saw Godwin regularly between 1801 and 1804 (see Smith, James)