Smith, Samuel

SOCIETY FOR CONSTITUTIONAL INFORMATION: Samuel Smith proposed member 24.10.1783 by Jackson Barwis (by letter) 2nded Edward Bridgen
Samuel Smith 1727-1798 father of William Smith DNB 1756-1835. Samuel Smith age 27 bach = St Swithin London Stone 12.12.1754 Martha Adams of St John Southwark sp, dau of William Adams, Coopers Co. Pub Adv 27.1.1762 Sunday night (24.1.1762) died Mrs Smith, wife of Samel Smith, Esq of the Old Jewry. Morn Chron 3.7.1773 yesterday was married Samuel Smith Esq of Cannon St to Mrs Prockter of Clapham. Samuel Smith wid otp = Clapham 2.7.1773 Ann Prockter otsp wid wits Robert Manning, Ursula Rybot. (Robert Prockter = 1.6.1748 Ann Manning, his will PCC 20.6.1772). Revolution Society committee 1788 Samuel Smith Esq Cannon St. His will PCC 15.6.1798 grocer of London dated 1.8.1791 mentioned wife Anna, son William, partner Francis Kemble, brother Benjamin, nephews Joseph & Benjamin Travers, nieces Mary & Elizabeth Traverrs, niece Hannah Foster, niece Sarah wife of David Lewis, codicil 16.1.1797