Smith, William jr

son of W Smith 29.5.1833 at Rickman's / 18.11.1833 W Smith jr at Rickman's
perhaps William Adams Smith second son of William Smith DNB 1756-1835, bapt 1789 Clapham. From newspapers I gleaned he was a lifelong supporter of "Reform" and active in the RSPCA. He spent some years in Naples circa 1860. One genealogical website said he was Lt RN in 1813 and died 1870. There were 4 other brothers, Benjamin 1783-1860 who became MP for Sudbury in 1835, Frederick 1798-1882 Indian army, Samuel 1795-1880 a barristerĀ  & Octavius 1796-1871Trin Coll camb, Distillery, model estate in Scotland