Smith, William

GODWIN DIARY: M calls from Sharp & Smith 4.3.1808 / 13.4.1808 write to Smith; M(arshall) from Shp
Both Smith entries above have been coded in GD website to the generic Smith. They should clearly be coded to William Smith DNB 1756-1835. From February to April 1808 James Marshall was helping Godwin get a subscription from William Smith and Richard Sharp DNB 1759-1835 who each provided £50. The Shp in the second entry was clearly Sharp and should be coded to him
SOCIETY FOR CONSTITUTIONAL INFORMATION: William Smith of Clapham proposed member 13.12.1782 by Jackson Barwis 2nded Edward Bridgen. Took on Devon with Henry Amory for tract distribution
William Smith DNB 1756-1835