Snagg, Thomas & Sarah

call on mrs Snagg (with Marshall) 30.9.1797 / 23.8.1804 call on Everina at Snagg's adv Eliz Wt / 1.9.1804 call on Snagg for F & M adv Everina & Eliz / 15.4.1805 adv Fenwick, Snagg & young Rowans at dinner / 19.8.1805 Snagg calls
Given that Mary Wollstonecraft's sisters were at Snagg's in 1804 it seems likely that the call of 1797 related to Mary W's recent death. This was possibly Thomas Snagg (stage name Wilks) actor (Highfill, Burnim & Langhans 1748-1812) and his wife Sarah nee Lilly married 1782 died by 1806 when Snagg married again in Dublin. More info to follow soon