Snape, Edward

see Poland Street 1 to 9 & 49 to 62 in London Addresses dataset
Edward Snape ratebooks 60 Poland St 1789-92 / Edward Snape = St Geo Bloomsbury 19.10.1767 Peggy Fauntleroy Bowyer by banns / Old Bailey 1769 Edward Snape horse doctor Grosvenor Mews robbed on way home from Barnet races / Edward Snape ratebooks Sherrard St, St James 1784, listed in directories there 1785, 1790 horse dispensary / Arabella Bowyer d of Edward & Peggy Snape bapt 1786 Hammersmith / ad 1788 Wiiliam Risden assistant to Edward Snape farrier to Their Majesties nr Pantheon "cattle powders infallible" / Edward Snape Poland St farrier voted Hood 1790 / Old Bailey 1790 Snape's servant Thomas Davis found guilty of robbing him, Catherine Snape & Sophia Fonleroy Snape gave evidence / directory 1790 cattle powders 60 Poland St / 1791 portrait of Snape by William Whitby engraved by James Godby DNB fl. 1790-1815 / 20.4.1791 ad for Snape's seminary for instruction in farrirery, Kilbourn Wells / 1796 miniature of Dr Edward Snape by Anker Smith exhibited RA / Bath Herald 21.7.1797 The Practical Farrier by Edward Snape published, earlier edition with different title 1791, and another treatise 1787, advertised again 1805 / Oracle 26.6.1797 "general mourning among the horses for the loss of Dr Edward Snape" / will PCC 1809 of Arabella Bowyer Snape of Bridge Row Chelsea spinster mentioned Charlotte wife of Anker Smith DNB 1759-1819, Smith having married Charlotte Susannah Snape in 1791 (see DNB)