13.4.1809 dine at Thelwal's, w. Nicholson, Wolcot, Mortimer, Soane, Brittons & miss Pate / 21.10.1820 call on Soane / 18.12.1820 again / 14.2.1826 meet Kenney & Soane, jr / 8.4.1832 call on Daniel; adv. Soane / 1.5.1832 theatre; adv. Gents, Soane &c
Probably John Soane DNB 1753-1837 particularly the 1809 entry at Thelwall's. According to the DNB Thelwall in 1809 established an institute in Lincolns Inn Fields, where Soane's famous house was. John Britton was a close friend of John Soane. In December1813 they both joined the Grand Master's Lodge of the Freemasons, along with the barrister James Agar. They had both become successful from humble origins, which would have appealed to Thelwall. Soane, jr was probably George Soane DNB 1789-1860 who fell out seriously with his father