19.2.1790 S Solly adv at T Hollis / 14.2.1791 R Solly at Lister's / 12.2.1793 meet S Solly / 1.4.1796 T Solly at Lister's / 9.11.1807 dine at Guildhall; adv. Solly / 23.3.1810 call on Ward, Solly & Vaughan & Surr / 28.2.1811 write to Vaughan, Solly, Ward & Saffory / 5.10.1830 R H Solly
Timothy Hollis' will (PCC 24.12.1790) dated 1774 mentioned Isaac, Samuel and Edward the three sons of his sister Ann (d 1776) who married Richard Solly (d 1729) in 1717. In a codicil dated 1783 he left his house in Great Ormond St to Samuel Solly instead of £4000, and left his books to Samuel Solly instead of to John Hollis. R Solly was probably Richard (d 1803) second son of Samuel's older brother Isaac (d 1802), and, later, brother in law to Dr William Lister who married his sister Elizabeth on 29.2.1793. Another son of Isaac called Thomas was probably the T Solly at Lister's in 1796; and a son of Samuel's, Richard Horsman Solly (b.1778) was probably the R H Solly of 1830