Sothren, George

27.6.1794 call on Mrs Sothren / 28.6.1794 call on Sothren / 5.7.1794 breakfast at Sothren's. / 6.7.1794 call on Sothren / 1.2.1796 write to mrs Sothren / 11.7.1796 call on G Sothren / 22.12,1796 mrs Sothren dies / 1.10.1803 call on G Sothren / 9.9.1805 call on Sothren / 26.1.1829 write to Sothren / 9.6.1829 Coplands & Sothrens call
Probably George Sothren baptised Norwich 1762 son of George & Hannah (nee Raimes, married Norwich 1754). His father, probably a tailor of Norwich who voted there in 1768 and 1780, married Godwin's cousin Hannah at Gaiswick (i.e.Guestwick) 15.9.1772 and died 29.8.1785 (Abinger c.1 f.28-9). Mrs Sothren died 22.12.1796 (c.14 f.112). A George Sothern was apprenticed 1776 to Robert Priest druggist of Norwich and married Margaret Cook Trull at St Peter Mancroft on 14.1.1794, and he or his son George born c.1795 voted as chemist or druggist in Norwich between 1796 and 1832. On 19.12.1799 Godwin's mother wrote to him 'I will send you by Mr Sothren' (c.5 f41). The three entries in 1794 follow Mrs Sothren on 27.6.94 and could refer to her or her stepson, indeed perhaps they lived together. A letter of Amelia Alderson's (Abinger c.3 f.16v) dated 5.2.1796 refers to Mrs Sothren and her daughter