dine at Southgate's 13.4.1800
Probably Christopher Southgate painter 9 Hatton Garden 1789-90 floor cloth manufacturer 88 Fleet Market 1790 will PCC 1810 floor cloth manufacturer of London Road St Georges Fields Surrey. Godwin never met Southgate or any of his guests before or after that dinner except for his brother Joseph Godwin who was therefore probably a friend of Southgate or his guests. Godwin's brother was involved in the carpet business (see Godwin. Joseph) and the other guests (see Keylock & see Crabb) were probably engaged in allied trades in the same area as Southgate, John Keylock's looking glass manufactory having been at 11 Hatton Garden in 1790, Benjamin Crabb was an oilman of 111 Holborn in 1790 his will PCC 1804 and another Benjamin Crabb will PCC 1818 was a looking glass manufacturer of King St, Southwark

Work notes: 
Dr Southgate 1801 Little St Martin's La / Southgate & Conset 40 Ludgate st 1781-1790 mercers, 34 Lothbury 1791 merchants / Daniel Southgate plumber & glazier Norwich 1784 / Rev Richd Southgate Fellow of Socy of Antiquaries 1793 / Wm Southgate wine & brandy merchant 22 Panton St Haymarket 1788-90