Special, Joseph

SOCIETY FOR CONSTITUTIONAL INFORMATION: Joseph Special of Bishops Stortford proposed member 29.3.1793 by James Parkinson 2nded Joseph Clayton Jennings
William Special taylor of Bishops Stortford took appr 1723. William Special = Good Easter, Essex 18.8.1741 Lydia Bush. Lydia Special mantua maker Bishops Stortford took appr 1741. Joseph son of William & Lydia Special bapt 6.2.1746 Bishops Stortford. Petition on behalf of prisoner who stole two coats from Joseph Special of Bishops Stortford market trader on 28.11.1786 at Harlow Fair. Special's servant Rachael Ebsworth mentioned. Joseph Special of Bishops Stortford voted Hertfordshire 1796 Plumer & Waddington, 1802 Plumer & Lamb, 1805 Brand. Ipswich Journal 27.6.1801 Joseph Special, Bishops Stortford agent of Phoenix Fire Office. Joseph Special woollen draper died 17.11.1819 in records of Thaxted Quaker meeting buried 23.11.189 age about 74 not a member.