Speed, Henry

18.11.1795 at Montagu's / 15.8.1810 mrs Speed at mrs Montagu's / 21.12.1823 Speed at White's Isleworth / 31.12.1826 mrs Speed at White's, Isleworth.  In Godwin's 1796 list for 1795
Henry Speed, Comte de Viry 1776-1820 (History of Parliament) MP for Huntingdon 1790-6. Married Augusta (d.1849), Montagu's sister, illegitimate children of Lord Sandwich by Martha Ray. Oracle 3.7.1795 and 9.7.1795 said he absconded from case at Kings Bench where he was a defendant along with John King and others. Lieutenant in Isle of Man volunteers 1798, captain 1803. Died at Tours 1820. Two of his sons married Englishwomen, the younger into Sandwich family. The Speed of 1823 may be Mrs Speed (compare with Mrs Speed 1826)