Spilsbury, Thomas

Spilsbury 6.5.1792; 16.5.1792; and 20.6.1794 - this last a call by Godwin followed by his call on Dorset the next day.
Thomas Spilsbury printer of Snow Hill (see Cooper, John Robinson). He died 1795. See the will PCC 1800 of his son Thomas, whose brothers William and Charles continued the printing business until 1803, then Charles alone.
25.5.1809 Spilsbury calls / 21.6.1809 again / 28.11.1809 call on Spilsbury
William and Charles Spilsbury were in dispute in Chancery in 1807. In 1808 Charles Spilsbury was the printer of Lloyd's Evening Post (see Nat Arch TS11/44/162 and Sun 6.7.1808) and in 1810 he went bankrupt. Godwin had moved in 1807 to Skinner-st very near his printshop in Angel-court. There was also a Lucas Ward Spilsbury grocer and tea dealer of 85 St John-st, near to Godwin