28.4.1789 at Timothy Hollis' / 19.2.1790 there / 14.2.1796 mrs Cole & mr Spurling at Holcroft's / 6.3.1796 Coles & Spurling at Holcroft's / 12.3.1797 Cole & Spurling at Holcroft's / 9.12.1798 at Holcroft's / 3.3.1799 again
The Holcroft Spurling associated with Coles, possibly a different one to the Hollis one. Stephen Spurling of Great Prescot St Whitechapel will PCC 26.5.1804 dated 27.4.1804 wife Frances Battridge (nee Langley married Whitechapel 28.4.1783) sons John Henry (bapt1785) Stephen (bapt 1791) daus Sophia Frances (bapt 1789) Sarah (bapt 1801). For Essex Sperlings see work notes below

Work notes: 
James Sperling 1782 merchant Red Lion Sq / Mrs Sperling Colchester sub to HMWilliams' poems 1786; Mr M Sperling Colchester 1788 Socy for Abolition of Slave Trade / 1789 c202 Petty Bag, Essex - magistrates Lewis Majendie, Henry Sperling (Majendie also present at Hollis' 28.4.1789) 1795 Henry Sperling of Dynes Hall subscr to Horace by vicar of Brandestone, Suffolk Henry Sperling (PCC 1825) & Mary of Dynes Hall, Gt Maplestead, Essex, JP, their dau marr William Rochfort ( PCC 1798 brother of lady D'Oyley nee Diana Rochfort) June 1788 at St Geo Han Sq, she marr 2ndly 1801 Marylebone Rev Wm Beville (PCC 1822) SCI, chaplain to Duke of Manchester. Her brother Henry Piper Sperling PCC 1847. Her brother John (PCC 1851?) married 1789 Mrs Kilpatrick nee Henrietta Rochfort, sister of William Rochfort. In partnership with Sir John D'Oyly, William Rochfort and a Mr Granger John Sperling set up distillery in Dublin, changed to brewery at time of union, failed by 1806 losing £70,000 (Farington diary VIII 2867.2871) Rev James Sperling of Gt Maplestead Essex will PCC 1850 Sperling of Devonshire Pl subscr to "Elliot" 1800 Stephen Spurling PCC dated 27.4.1804 proved 26.5.1804 of Gt Prescot St Whitechapel, wife Frances Batteridge S, sons John Henry S & Stephen S, daus Sophia, Frances & Sarah