Spurrell, Joseph

SOCIETY FOR CONSTITUTIONAL INFORMATION: Joseph Spurrell of Upper Clapton proposed member 9.5.1783 by John Jebb 2nded James West
John Webb barber of ? Cornwall took appr Cornelius Spurrell son of Joseph Spurrell of Plymouth beer brewer 1718. Cornelius Spurrell peruke maker of Plymouth took appr 1728. Cornelius Spurrell = Wembury Devon 1.12.1739 Elizabeth Fox. Cornelius Spurrell barber of Plymouth took appr 1741. Elizabeth dau of Mr Spurrell bapt at his house 15.5.1744, Rebeka dau of Mr Cornels Spurrell bapt at his house 15.4.1746, Plymouth Presbyterian. Perhaps Joseph Spurrell appr 1758 to John Murch, house carpenter, Plymouth. I'm presuming though I have no evidence at present that Joseph Spurrell was son of Cornelius. Perhaps Joseph Spurrell of Plymouth subscr to Wellins Calcott 1764. (A Joseph Spurrell of Barking voted in Essex in 1764). A Joseph Spurrell of St Mary Woolnoth, London married at Slapton, Devon 1.7.1770 Susannah Merefield sp otp. She was daughter of Rev Samuel Merefield of Slapton whose will PCC 2.1.1800 mentioned his son in law Joseph Spurrell and his grandchildren Samuel, Joseph, Susanna & Elizabeth Spurrell. Susanna dau of Joseph Spurrell of Grove Pl, Hackney bur 8.3.1815 age 42. Samuel son of Joseph & Susanna Spurrell bapt 2.3.1772 St Botolph without Aldersgate, their other children bapt there Joseph 17.3.1773, Elizabeth 31.1.1774, Elizabeth 7.8.1775, Charles 25.4.1777. Joseph Spurrell from the Grove Hackney died 2.6.1822 and was buried 8.6.1822 Hackney age 79 from the Strand.
A Joseph Spurrell was executor of will PCC 27.11.1787 of Joseph Squire merchant of Plymouth, another executor was his brother Thomas Squire (QV*) also an SCI member. Joseph Squire had married Spurrell's sister Elizabeth in 1766. Joseph Spurrell of Upper Clapton subscr 1787 to Jebb's Works, subscr 1790 to Rev George Walker. SunFire 1789 Joseph Spurrell warehouseman 25 Friday St. Unitarian Socy 1791 Joseph Spurrell of Friday St. SunFire 1792 Joseph Spurrell, Frederick Gottlieb Boccius & John Frederick Steinberg merchants of 10 Labour in Vain Hill, London. Will PCC 7.5.1794 of James West (QV*) dated 17.9.1792, witnessed by Samuel Spurrell and Joseph Spurrell jr, made Joseph Spurrell cotton manufacturer of Upper Clapton an exec, which led to a chancery suit in 1798 (Nat Arch C 12/683/4) of West's younger children Sibella and James represented by their mother's brother Benjamin Batley, against West's oldest son Mark along with Joseph Spurrell and others. Joseph Spurrell 1793 signatory of Friends of the People. Unitarian Society 1794 Joseph Spurrell of Alton, Hants. 1800 Joseph Spurrell of 28 Old Change subscr 1 gn to Blackfriars Institution for Relief of the Poor. Morn Chron 16.10.1806 house for sale in Old Fish St Hill, London occ. Joseph Spurrell. His son Joseph cashier of the Bank of England died 1844 Hackney.