12.10.1806 Tooke's, w. Squire & many / 8.10.1808 Squire calls / 24.10.1809 again / 23.11.1809 call on Squire
Holdens directory 1811:
Squire & Bowley truss makers 17 Broad-st Golden-sq
Daniel Squire shoemaker 23 East-st Manchester-sq
James Squire pork butcher 244 Upper Shadwell (will PCC 26.8.1833 of St Pancras)
John Squire straw hat maker 273 Oxford-st
Joseph Squire salesman & butcher 75 Aldgate
Robt Squire linen draper 2 Field-terr Battle Bridge
Thomas Squire solicitor Scot's-yd Bush-la
Thomas Squire needle & fish hook maker 36 Fair-st Horselydown
William Squire jeweller 12 Ludgate-hill (SunFire 1802 silversmith). Possible for 23.11.1809 as near to Longman, Paternoster-row and Hunter, Ludgate-st called on before and after.
William Squire coachmaker 8 Broadway (will PCC 21.11.1825)
John Squire MD 30 Ely-pl Holborn (will PCC 5.9.1816) born 1732 father of John Squire DNB 1780-1812. Founded 1788 Socy for relief of widows & orphans of medical men
John Squire esq 13 Dover-pl New Kent-rd (will PCC 2.6.1847 of Elizabeth Squire widow 13.4.1850 of Louisa Squire widow))
Mrs Squire 15 Buckingham-st Marylebone (will PCC 5.7.1833 of Elizabeth Squire widow of St Marylebone))
Lawrence Squire esq 24 Lincolns inn (will PCC 2.6.1821 of Folkestone, Kent)
Samuel Squire esq 10 Crown Office-row Temple
will PCC 16.9.1810 Francis Squire gent of New Inn Middlesex
will PCC 27.4.1826 John Squire schoolmaster of Kingston, Surrey