St George

St George 27.12.1801 at John King's / 17.1.1802 St Georges at King's / 4.4.1802 mrs St George at King's
Possibly  Melesina Trench DNB 1768-1827 (nee Chenevix, widow of St George). Her Remains, edited by her son and published 1862, have extracts from her journal which show she was still in Ireland on 17.11.1801 and arrived in Calais on 5.7.1802, so it is possible she was at King's on the above dates, the plural entry perhaps referring to her teenage son who was travelling with her. In the Remains he wrote of this period that he found "few memoranda and fewer still which need to be published", so it is possible an account of her visits to King's still survives in typescript or manuscript at Winchester Record Office. But see Channcery suit Sarah St George v John King 1802 Nat Arch C 13/2331/40 which makes it unlikely this was Melesina, although otherwise the timing fits. According to Sarah St George's bill dated 31.5.1802 against John King (to which there is no reply) she was late of Dublin but now of Golden Square widow and had been a regular visitor at King's for six months since she came from Dublin, being a relative of King's wife Lady Lanesborough, and they had paid her much attention up to 14.5.1802 when she dined with them but on returning to her lodgings that night she was arrested for a debt at the suit of John King and taken to the house of an officer of the Sheriff of Middlesex, where she still was two weeks later. Meantime her attorney had managed to get an account of the debt from King's attorney R Paterson, which said £200 lent on 18.4.1801 at King's house in Portland Place to redeem her goods and remove from Clarges St. Since she claimed to have never borrowed any money from King and only come from Dublin in November 1801 she was understandably offended. She may have been Sarah Handcock, daughter of the Dean of Achonry and sister to Lord Castlemain. She married Richard St George of Kilrush, Kilkenny in 1763. He died in 1775 and they had one son Richard (1776-1846) (Burke's Irish Family Records), though I haven't worked out how she might have been related to the Countess of Lanesborough. Her death on 31.1.1820 was recorded in the Morning Poast 3.2.1820