Stacy 14.2.1802 at King's
In Shelley and his Circle there is a promissory note (SC 83) to Benjn Stacey 25.1.1808 but this was probably Benjamin Stacey baker of 23 Somers Place East (Holdens 1811) and not likely to have any connection with the Stacy at King's. A Mr Stacy was teaching Joseph Farington French in 1802/3 (Farington Diary). John Stacey attorney 2 Lyons Inn 1800. Stacey of Rupert St and Stacy of the Bedford Arms, Covent Garden were among the subscribers to the comedian George Parker's Life's Painter 1800. There were many more around spelt Stacy, Stacey or Stacie but i haven't found anything to connect with John King's.