Staley, Benjamin

SOCIETY FOR CONSTITUTIONAL INFORMATION: Mr Staley, 10 Upper Thames St, proposed member 5.5.1786 by Henry Amory 2nded John Satchell
GODWIN DIARY: Staley 2.1.1796 at Dyer's /  5.6.1796 at Amelia Alderson's
Identity probable but not clear, either for SCI member or Godwin Diary. Benjamin Staley of Bankside, Southwark, subscr 1783 to Comfort by W Augustus Clarke pastor of Red Cross St chapel. Benjamin Staley of Horseshoe Wharf, Thames St in 1786 list of Socy for Promoting Religious Knowledge among Poor (joined 1784). Benj Staley Upper Thames St subscr 2 gns to New College Hackney 1788. Benjamin Staley of Pavement, Moorfields subscr 1790 to Robert Robinson's History of Baptism. Benjamin Staley of Blackfriars subscr to Robert Robinson's Researches 1792. Benjamin Staley of Moorfields subscr to Ann Batten Crystall's Poems, and to Winterbotham's America, 1795. Benjamin Staley bachelor of St Michael Wood Street married Ann Dunsford spinster there by banns 9.4.1798 one of the witnesses was Samuel Favell (QV*) SCI member. Benjamin Staley witness to Royal College of Physicians insurance policy (RCP-LIBRD/200/38). Nat Arch C 13/124/6 not seen, chancery suit 1810 Simeon Birch v Benjamin Staley. Benjamin Staley surveyor of Youlgreave Derbyshire in 1820s & 1830s. PCC 24.11.1838 Benjamin Staley of Taunton Somerset dated 23.3.1829 mentioned wife Ann and proved by her. PCC 7.8.1840 Ann Staley widow of Taunton dated 15.11.1835 mentioned Christopher Staley of Youlgreave, Derbyshire farmer and his son Benjamin land surveyor, Unitarian chapel at Devonport, sisters Mary & Jane Dunsford spinsters of Tiverton