HCR diary 2.7.1813 Stansfeld 29 Lambeth Marsh
                    8.4.1826 Aders "spoke of Thomas Stansfeld's bankruptcy and blamed it on his father-in-law Briggs. Hatton S> had acted nobly" but HCR heard later at John Collier's a less favourable opinion of H S
                  11.5.1826 call on " Bischoff who acquits Hatton Stansfeld of dishonesty but attributes to him monstrous fatuity"
                  23.4.1828 "wrote to Thomas Stansfeld today about his late differences with his family"
                  19.6.1828 dined with Jameson at Hackney. Kent & his son William, Miss Stansfeld there
                  16.4.1840 re: the Aders "The being connected with the unfortunate is always a trial even when one has so much respect as I have for Stansfeld - After all he has not been able to keep out of the Gazette"
                 14.4.1844 Mrs Gent "a friend of Mrs Aders for whom a letter was brought by Stansfeld from Mrs A:"
Hatton Hamer Stansfeld born 29.9.1793 Leeds son of David Stansfeld (1755-1818) & Sarah Wolrich, married 1stly St Mary Islington 1.9.1821 Elizabeth Ann Crompton, bankrupt 1826 stuff manufacturer of King St Cheapside, married 2ndly Pyrford Surrey 6.10.1852 Mary Jane Sherwood, died 13.1.1877 . His siblings were Peggy (Margaret) bapt 1777 who married in 1802 James Bischoff (DNB 1775-1845), Thomas Wolrich (1779-1853) married in 1820 Anne Briggs, bankrupt 1826 with brothers Henry and Hamer and brother-in-law Henry Briggs merchants of Leeds, later an official asignee for Court of Bankruptcy, Eleanor bapt 1780, Mary bapt 1782, George bapt 1784, William (1785-1835), David bapt 1788, Josias bapt 1791 surgeon married in 1814 Amelia Milne, James (1792-1872) married in 1817 Emma Ralph, county court judge at Halifax, father of James Stansfeld (DNB 1820-1898), Henry bapt 1795, Hamer (1797-1865) Mayor of Leeds 1843, Anti-Corn Law delegate, and Sarah (1799-1862) unmarried