GODWIN DIARY: Starke 1.4.1794 adv at Jennings' / 6.6.1800 baron Starke at King's
Charles Sigismund Baron Starke formerly of Mitten Hof in Prussian Silesia married Martha Ogle, (sister to Newton Ogle, dean of Winchester and, later, aunt to Mrs Sheridan, Mrs Grey & Mrs Whitbread) at Winchester 11.1753. Baroness Starck died 20.1.1805 (Gents Mag) and Charles Sigismund died 12.10.1776 at Oxford (Gents Mag) where his sons Charles George admitted 1772 age 17 and Edward Chaloner admitted 1775 age 17 (bur 1.7.1833 Lambeth St John age 76) were both at Merton College. For a third son see bleow. Possibly all sons were entitled to call themselves Baron de Starck. Charles George Starck married Isabella Wallas at St Leonards Shoreditch 19.9.1791 and three of their children were baptised at St Marylebone on 31.1.1794 Charles Carpenter, Isabella Juliana (who married Thomas Cave surgeon d1833 at Salisbury St Thos 18.5.1818) & Henry George (Alum Cantab). The only possible reference I found to the death of Charles George Starck was a burial of George Starck at St John Hampstead on 20.6.1806.
SOCIETY FOR CONSTITUTIONAL INFORMATION: Mr Stark of Hampton Wick proposed member 19.10.1792 by Thomas Clio Rickman 2nded WilliamSharpe
Another son of baron Starke, Mauritius Adolphus Newton Starck 1764-1848 joined the Navy, was midshipman at Gibraltar 1782 becoming Lieut in 1790. He married Ann Amelia Matilda Houghton on 3.9.1792 at St Martin i t F. Mrs Mauritius Starck, Twickenham subscr 1795 to Sarah Spence's Poems . 25.9.1806 Mauritius Stark post captain (Nat Arch ADM 9/2/388). Morn Chron 12.1.1807 Capt Stark sailed David Erskine (DNB 1776-1855) the English ambassador to New York in ship "Avon". Capt Starck was an equerry to the Duke of Sussex. He married 2ndly Mary Kent niece of late Sir Thomas Kent in 1817 (Gents Mag - Duke of Sussex gave away the bride). Morn Post 7.9.1848 Adm de Starck died 4.9.1848 at Kensingtyon Crescent age 84 his will PCC 4.11.1848. Examiner 17.12.1853 died at Kensington in her 82nd year Mary widow of Adm de Starck.
SOCIETY FOR CONSTITUTIONAL INFORMATION: William Stark of Bartholomew Hospital proposed member 14.3.1783 by Joseph Brown 2nded John Jebb
Pub Adv 14.3.1759 fire at house of Mr Stark in Bartholomew Close / William son of John Stark of Bartholomew Claoe hair merchant appr 4.12.1765 for 7 yrs to Samuel Sparkes of Loriners Co haberdasher & whalebone cutter premium £100 / his father John Stark of St Bartholomew the Great widower = Stepney 18.8.1770 Margaret Saunders otp sp wits Ann Williams, Jane Wingate / his sister Mary Stark of St Bartholomew the Great sp a minor =St Botloph Bishopsgate 21.10.1771 by lic William Leathley otp bach wits John Stark, Joseph Applewell, Jane Wingate, Lon Eve Post 22.10.1771 Joseph Leathley silk broker married Miss Polly Stark, dau of Mr John Stark, hair merchant in Bartholomew-close / his brother Ebenezer Stark appr 16.4.1773 for 7 yrs to Nehemiah Parsons of Shoreditch brocade weaver premium £5 / Society for Promoting Religious Knowledge among Poor 1777 William Stark 18 Bartholomew Close, 1781 Ebenezer Stark Bartholomew Close, 1786 edition both at Shore Pl, Hackney / SunFire 1777, 1783, 1784 John Stark merchant Bartholomew Close / will PCC 10.2.1780 of Rev Samuel Saunders dated 30.1.1780 mentioned sister Margaret Stark, son Julius Saunders / London Gazette 24.7.1784 Rev Samuel Saunders late of Lindsey St, Epping, Essex deceased, his exec John Stark at 2, Bluecoat Bldgs, Christs Hospital or at his house in St Andrews St Hertford / John Stark buried Bunhill Fields 26.8.1784 from Hertford, his will PCC 3.9.1784 dated 15.3.1774 mentioned wife Margaret, children William, Mary, Ebenezer & Joseph, niece Jane Wingate, sisters Elizabeth Hamilton & Agnes Ann Stark, son in law William Leathley, friend James Bell / Nat Arch C 211/15/L63 inquisition of lunacy into William Leathley gent of Hackney / SunFire 1785 Margaret Stark widow, & William & Mary Leathley, St Thomas Sq, Hackney, & Margaret Stark widow, Turner's Hill, Herts & Bartholomew Close / William Stark 1785 in list of London commissioners for Land Tax / London Gazette 19.12.1786 William Stark merchant of Bluecoat Bldgs bankrupt, (conformed 1787) / Ebenezer Stark Alexandria Virginia subscr to Bell's Shakespeare 1788 / Times 20.1.1789, Morning Chronicle 24.1.1789 signed thanks to prime minister Pitt Ebenezer Stark, Bishopsgate St, William Stark, Bishopsgate St / Margaret Stark bur 30.3.1791 Bunhill Fields age 64 from Hertford, her will PCC 5.4.1791 widow of Hackney dated 14.11.1788 her real estates in Essex & Herts to son in law Ebenezer Stark haberdasher of Newgate St. possible debts owing from son in law William Stark to son in law William Leathley /  / William Stark signed declaration of Friends to Liberty of Press 1792 / list of London liverymen 1792 William Stark Hackney, Loriners Co / William Stark sub to Lambeth Asylum for Orphan Girls 1793 / Lloyds Eve Post 7.9.1794 William Stark broker Princes St, Lothbury bankrupt (conformed 1796) not sure if this was the same William Stark / Ebenezer Stark planter died 29.3.1816 Savannah, Georgia age 55 of gout / Morn Chron 6.4.1820 on jury list for treason trial of Arthur Thistlewood &c William Stark, Miller St, St Pancras, gent (maybe not same person) / will PCC 12.11.1822 Mary Leathley widow of Hackney / Morn Post 9.8.1823 William Stark 1 gn to Spanish Committee (maybe not  him) / William Stark buried 23.2.1829 Bunhill Fields age 77 of Clapton Square, Hackney

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Richard Stark xictualler New St, St James Piccadilly voted Tooke 1790 (PCC 1794?) / Alexander Stark tailor Cranbourn Passage Soho voted Fox & Tooke 1796