Steers, Anna Maria

20.1.1799 tea H Lees's with C Smith & miss Steers
Anna Maria Steers dau of William & Susanna of Hoxton born 25.7.1751 bapt at home 16.8 St Leonards Shoreditch. Sister of bankers Charles will PCC 1810 of Manchester Buildings, James (will PCC 1817?) and John (will PCC 1826?), and of Susanna d 1826 and Sophia d 1836, their father William will PCC 1777 mother Susanna will PCC 1798. The handwriting of the will of Anne Lee PCC 1806, sister of Harriet Lee, who hanged herself 23.10.1805 was sworn to by Anna Maria Steers of Manchester Buildings on 20.2.1806. See Farington diary x 3646 &c. The Steers family seem to have been prosperous so she was probably a friend rather than a governess to Anna Lee